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Our Show Halters

Your show halter makes a huge statement when you enter the show ring, or for that beautiful photograph. Let us help you add that final touch that will have you standing out in the crowd! We offer the finest designs that we can find, and we know the quality is first rate. From the quarter style halter to the show halter, we can offer you some of the best quality and designs. We supply rolled or flat lead shanks, shiney new chains or control bars and of course the detailed Conchos – we have everything the halter horse needs. Let us help you find the perfect halter for every class that you show in.

All prices are in Canadian funds & our prices can vary due to exchange rate. All prices do not include applicable taxes and shipping. US & overseas clients are exempt from tax. Please email for an accurate quote.


           The Tiffany Series

For the serious showman who demands nothing but the best! The Tiffany Series halter can be custom crafted in endless combinations of bar, crystal settings, and crystal color combinations. For those horses that deserve to sparkle - Our Tiffany Series!

Sizes are available from weanling to extra large. Halter Conchos are not included.

Starting at $245

Tiffany Halter Conchos start at $80

The Magic Series            

A stunning way to compliment a beautiful head, and can be coordinated with your outfit! Number clips for your back, can be made to co-ordinate with your halter & your outfit! There are a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your taste.

Sizes are available from weanling to extra large. Halter conchos are not included.

Starting at $198

       The Shepherd Series

Effortless elegance is the easiest way to describe the Shepherd series. It is sleek and refined. It is loved by miniature horse trainers and breeders who have multiple horses on their string & require a professional solution to getting horses of many colors in the ring efficiently. 

Sizes are available from weanling to extra large. Halter conchos are not included.

Starting at $200

What Our Clients are Saying..

“Whether you are a seasoned champion, or brand new to showing, Louellen’s exquisite eye for choosing the most complimentary tack for your horse can always be trusted. My horses would not look their best without her."

Dali C., Edmonton, AB

Quarter Style Show Halters                                

Quarter style show halters are used for Showmanship, in-hand Obstacle, Hunter and Jumper classes in our mini breed shows.

Halters are also available in plain leather which look great for the in-hand performance classes of hunter, jumper, obstacle & liberty.

Lead shanks with the attached “stud chain” are also available and these are commonly used for the Showmanship classes. Nice long leather leads, without a chain, are good for the Hunter & Jumper classes.

Starting at $275

    Halter Accessories   

Mixed halter concho sets in gold and silver $70

JV Equine show number clips start at $25

Silver, gold, black chains in 18", 20" or 22" lengths start at $16 

Chains, conchos and anything you need for your halter horse can be found at Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack & Harness. Don't forget number clips for your back, available in a number of styles. 

    Halter Bags    

Your choice of black, red, blue or green for $80

The Halter bag comes complete with; one tab for your show halters. Extra tabs can be requested. This halter bag is beautifully quilted, and has a heavy duty zipper. Made out of Cordura. Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, and looks new every time. Custom embroidery at extra cost. Very spacious for hanging your beautiful show halters.

    Show Leads    

Rolled cut leather lead w/stop & roller buckle in your choice o brass or silver hardware $60

NEW to the Carriage House line are our Amish-made show leads. Finer than anything else you will find on the market and just as strong. We find that the show leads for the miniatures can be quite bulky, which inspired us to craft these thin elegant leads.  


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