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A Message From the Owners..

         "Owning & loving horses is in my blood. My Grandfather was  an English riding enthusiast. I was a natural fit in a family that had a passion for horses! I have been involved with horses since the age of 3. Throughout my younger years I showed competitively in Arabians & Welsh Ponies (western, english, driving, halter) with my Father & Sister. My Mother & Father taught me from a young age the importance of Presentation. From the outfit you wear, how you put yourself together, ring etiquette, cleanliness of tack, to your horses grooming and appearance. I am so blessed they taught me these important lessons that I believe have contributed to Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack & Harness success. 

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          I met my Husband Scott & we have been happily married for 38 happy years.

          My mother fell in love with miniature horses when she met them at a horse show. As we ventured into the breed, I rediscovered the joy of driving horses again with these incredibly talented little horses.

          Once we had our first miniature horses, my husband has learned every bit of horsemanship from mucking stalls to the final presentation in the show ring. Our horse hobby has been something that has made our life so fulfilling.

          In 2008 I dreamed of starting a Miniature Horse Tack company. It began with finding an experienced, Amish harness maker who would work intimately with myself and my brand. Designing alongside him, we created the Carriage House harness collection. All contact between myself and my Maker is done through written letters and printed photos, according to his tradition. I wanted to build a luxury brand that exemplified Timeless Quality & Elegance, unlike anything the Miniature Horse world has ever seen. You will not find craftsmanship like this anywhere else.

          My favourite part of Carriage House would be the customer service. I love taking part in making my clients dreams come true, and making sure every order that leaves my store has my personal touch. I personally condition each harness that leaves my store. Custom curating a show halter, harness or blankets for my clients that makes them happy, makes my day. If you have time, please check out our Testimonial page for some of our glowing reviews, or speak to one of our past clients when you see them gracing the winners circle!  

          We are always listening to our clients needs and innovating new products to meet their needs.  Oftentimes, miniature horse products are built cheaply, large-scale and poorly made, a sad version of the quality you see in the "full size horses". Fueled by my disappointment for these products, my team has created our own line of Carriage House Harnesses.  And for our clients that demand MORE, and the ultimate in luxury, we have released our Premium Harness Collection. There are prototypes out there that have used my design but nothing compares to Carriage House. Our harness designs are often replicated but never duplicated. Our designs remain exclusively ours. 


          I can't wait to expand this business. For the future of Carriage House, I look forward to shipping my fine harness to countries I've never shipped to before. I can't wait to discover new products to hand craft for my clients and being able to serve my clients, new & old. We are so grateful for your continued patronage!"



Louellen & Scott Rempel

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada 

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