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Driving Accessories

We carry a full line accessories to complete your driving turn-out including; bits, number holders (a pair complete with the numbers for the shafts, or a single holder for the back of the cart). We have Conchos for the side of the bridle, harness bags and just about any piece of your harness that you could possibly need to replace – or upgrade! 

All prices are in Canadian funds & our prices can vary due to exchange rate. All prices do not include applicable taxes and shipping. US & overseas clients are exempt from tax. Please email for an accurate quote.


JV Equine Side-by-Side Harness Bag


The handmade JV Equine custom-designed Side-By-Side Harness bag is the paramount miniature horse or pony accessory. It is second to none in spaciousness, convenience, and above all quality. Crafted from 1000 Denier Defender material, the exterior of the Side-By-Side is durable enough to protect your harness from whatever the day may bring. The interior is a soft quilted material. The JV Equine Side-By-Side Harness bag comes complete with five tabs; two tabs for your saddle, one tab for your bridle bra, one for your breast collar, and an extra tab for your driving lines. The Side-By-Side also includes; a large zippered storage pocket (great for putting those extra bits in), 5 large interior pockets, and a convenient holder for your driving whip.  JV Equine also includes a complimentary heavy-duty harness hook.  The-Side by-Side features a unique ventilation system to ensure that your harness can properly breath. The outside frame can easily be taken apart for quick cleaning, just wash with cold water and hang to dry, it will maintain that perfect brand new look for years to come. JV Equine will hand-craft your Side-By-Side in your choice of one of our variety of beautiful colors to match your stable’s theme, and even custom embroider your farm name to truly personalize your harness bag at an extra cost. This is the ultimate miniature or pony harness bag, and is what your beautiful harness deserves. Protect your investment!

For all our CDE customers we will incorporate an extra tab for your breeching at extra cost. 

Embroidery is additional. There is one large pocket on the outside, as well as three pockets on the inside of the harness bag.

DIMENSIONS: 6" deep x 25.5" long x 26.5" wide

Miniature Horse/Pony size and Full Size Horse size

Miniature Horse $140

Horse $175


JV Equine Stacker Harness Bag


The JV Equine “Stacker” Harness Bag is designed for those who are tired of jamming their expensive harnesses into a crammed bag, and are in need of a more beautiful, convenient, and secure option. Look no further for the most durable, spacious, and high quality harness bag than JV Equine. The Stacker comes complete with the following to ensure your piece of mind wherever you may go with your precious harness; two clips to secure your saddle, 1 clip to hold the breast collar and traces, 1 clip for the driving lines, a whip holder, a separate bridle-bra made of a breathable sport mesh material to clip in your bridle with a small opening for your driving lines. The Stacker is equipped with 4 large pockets on the inside to accommodate extra driving bits, rubber elastics for braiding your forelock, side cart number holders, or a hole punch to do those last minute adjustments. JV Equine also includes a complimentary heavy-duty hook to hang your Stacker wherever you may please.The JV Harness Bag is made out of 1000 Denier Defender material and the inside is made out of a soft quilted material to protect your investment.This JV Equine Stacking Harness Bag has mesh on both sides for maximum ventilation purposes. Hand wash in cold water, hand to dry, and looks new every time. Comes in numerous colors and custom embroidery is available at an extra cost. We will personalize your harness bag to accommodate your harness. 

For all our CDE customers we will incorporate an extra tab for your breeching at an additional cost.

DIMENSIONS 6" deep x 36" long x 20" wide 

Miniature Horse/Pony size and Full Size Horse size

Miniature Horse $140

Horse $175

What Our Clients are Saying..

Are you looking for a well made harness bag? I hadn't been able to find a quality made horse sized bag but I ran across the Carriage House website and their very nicely made miniature horse harness bags. I contacted Louellen Rempel, simply in hopes she could refer me to a maker that might have a quality bag for my friesian sized show harness. She mentioned she had a seamstress that made them and that they would be willing to make me a prototype. I sent measurements and they set to work. I am so impressed with the quality. This bag is everything I wanted/needed and more! The straps are heavy duty and every item has its place. It has a protective breathable "bridle bra", pockets galore (inside and out) for all your driving accessories, whip holder, heavy duty nylon strap and Louellen included a metal hook for hanging over a stall at a horse show. The script embroidery is beautiful and the depth of the bag protects the bridle and blinkers from being crushed. Get this.....The bag is washable. instead of an unremovable metal bar, there is a rigid top secured with velcro making washing the bag easy. Thank you so much Louellen Rempel for taking up the challenge and for being such a pleasure to work with. If you too have been unable to find a quality harness bag. I highly recommend your get in touch with Carriage House! - Don't let the domain name fool you. They just accomplished a friesian sized harness bag much to my satisfaction."

Kelly Z, Pennsylvania, USA

15.5' Leather Driving Reins

An absolute essential for anyone training their own driving horses and working horses at home. Enjoy the incredible quality of these supple long lines. Brass or chrome snaps. 


Leather Bitting Rig

A safe driving horse, and a winning performance – starts with good schooling. Our leather bitting rigs are easy to work with and enable you to easily move your horse from the very first session on the lunge line to being ready for the cart. 

Our fully leather bitting rig features an open bridle,  caveson & overcheck.

Also included are a set of leather w/ rubber side reins that snap at both ends. These side reins adjust with buckles on both sides to add or remove length to both ends. The saddle surcingle comes with a back strap & crupper, and is complete with a fuzzy comfort saddle pad for those young horses. This will become a beloved set in your barn, and will stand the test of time. 


Miniature Horse/Pony size

Miniature Horse/Pony starting at $550

What Our Clients are Saying..

“Whether you are a seasoned champion, or brand new to showing, Louellen’s exquisite eye for choosing the most complimentary tack for your horse can always be trusted. My horses would not look their best without her."

Dali C., Edmonton, AB

Cart Number Holder    

Velcro-on cart number holders.

Back $30

Sides (set of 2) $54


We can order in 3 1/2", 3 3/4" & 4" size.

Copper-mouth French link $65

Myler Bits $270

Copper-mouth Mullen $65

Saddle Pads    

Ultra thin and gorgeous.

Velveteen $32 Mini, $40 Pony

Leather w/ Neoprene $57 Mini, $67 Pony

Leather Check Bits    

Ultra thin and gorgeous.

3 1/2" & 3 3/4" sizes $32.50 

Passier Leather Balm    

The ultimate in equine leather care.

Saddle Soap w/ sponge $25.65

Conditioner (lederbalsam) $29.80

Two-Tone Rolled Stitched Leather Reins    

The best in the industry $215

Handholds additional $50 

Rein stops, chrome or brass $18

JV Equine Cart Boot Pocket

For human comforts at home and horse shows, look no further than the JV Equine Boot Pocket. Kleenex, epi-pen, show number clips, show sheen, water bottle, electrical tape, string, screwdriver. Comes with a small mirror for lipstick last minute touches before entering the ring. The sky is the limit for this must have bag.

Embroidery additional. Velcro-in.

Comes with small mirror $25 

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