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The Pleasure Harness Collection

All products are hand-crafted. Please allow at least eight weeks or more for a custom order. If you would like a harness custom made, please contact us. Custom orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit and the balance due before the product is shipped.

All prices are in Canadian funds & our prices can vary due to exchange rate. All prices do not include applicable taxes and shipping. US & overseas clients are exempt from tax. Please email for an accurate quote.


A safe driving horse, and a winning performance – starts with good schooling. Our leather bitting rigs are easy to work with and enable you to easily move your horse from the very first session on the lunge line to being ready for the cart. We also carry leather long lines. Leather long lines give you a much better feel than rope does.

This is harness is perfectly suited for the beginning of the lifelong pursuit of driving, from dressage to your open breed driving classes, or even working your driving horses in the back yard. Our pleasure working harness comes complete with the following features: Leather Teardrop on the Caveson (for those horses with teeth-bumps in mind) Martingale Leather side check and over-check Removable breeching & a fuzzy pad for under the back saddle Patent leather on the back saddle, caveson, browband, and blinkers Breast collar has a slight “V” for added comfort (especially for our CDE drivers and dressage), as well as a martingale keeper and buckle-in flat traces. The saddle features extra padding, and is also available with a D ring to accommodate French tugs. All keepers are crafted from hand stitched leather, Double hanger Breeching is included with the harness along with hold-back straps. Two-tone flat leather driving lines, with an extra leather keeper located near the buckle. This is a safety feature



  • Leather over check,  leather side check, Martingale

  • Buckle-in flat stitched traces, Two tone hand stitched flat leather driving lines


All of Carriage House’s fine leather show harnesses, are complemented with stainless steel buckle tongues to ensure durability, and quality that can last you a lifetime.

Starting at $800

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You can dress up your pleasure harness

Miniature Horse and Pony Sizes 

Square or round blinkers

Boxed in cheek piece

What Our Clients are Saying..

Starting a new venture in driving I have experienced incredible patience and great customer service. When my harness arrived, every piece of the harness was itemized, gift wrapped, fully conditioned and ready to use. Thank you Carriage House Miniature Tack & Harness, I love your products, quality and craftsmanship. Honestly you are the best."

Leslie S., Alix, AB

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