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Body Wear & Tack


At Carriage House we have searched for products that we like to use on our horses, and that they love to wear. We know that you want high quality, good value and dependable products.

All prices are in Canadian funds & our prices can vary due to exchange rate. All prices do not include applicable taxes and shipping. US & overseas clients are exempt from tax. Please email for an accurate quote.


     JV Equine Vanity     

The JV Vanity is a hang-up shelf and pocket system. This is a great necessity for all of your showing and traveling needs. It travels folded in half, and when in use it unlatches and hangs up, either by a hanger or clips. On the inside there is an acrylic mirror that can slide out for the Vanity to be hand washed and hung to dry, 4 small rectangular pockets which is perfect for your glasses, lipstick or what ever you need to make the final touches on yourself. There is a jewelry fold out shelf for all of your extra accessories. There are 4 pockets in the center, 2 bigger pockets and 1 larger zippered pocket at the bottom. This Vanity is made out of 1000 Denier Defender material.

A lot of times at Shows, Weddings, Camping, and other activities, there is just not an area to get your hair, make-up, etc. done without being in a crowed public place, or just not having the time to run and get yourself ready. The Vanity becomes your personal space to get ready and look good. Fold out Shelf, many pockets, and a mirror attached that can be hung anywhere.

You can customize your colors, and have the front of the Vanity embroidered at an extra cost. There are many designed decals to choose from to put on your mirror for your personal touch, please inquire if you would like something different.

The mirror is 21" long and 13.5" wide.

4″ complimentary metal hook included, courtesy of JV Equine and Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack and Harness.


Unfolded: 0.25" deep x 57.5" long x 20" wide

Folded: 0.50" deep x 29" long x 19.5" wide



     Carriage House Leather Halters     

Nothing is more romantic than a real leather halter! Leather halters are rare to find in miniature horse and pony sizes, especially halters that are this adjustable. There are 2 adjustment buckles on the noseband area, and an adjustment on the throat latch. Your crown piece is adjustable with buckles on both sides.

 You are going to love having a real leather halter that will work hard in the barn all year and then polish up like new for show season. These halters will become heirlooms in your barn.

Made with your choice of real brass or chrome hardware, and Your choice of black, saddle brown or dark mahoghany leather.

Miniature Horse and Pony sizes available

Miniature Horse $125

Pony $135

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