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Welcome to Carriage House 


We are a company owned and operated by people that are passionate about their miniature horses and ponies. We have extensive personal experience with miniature horse care and competition and are involved in every exhibition division. When you buy something from us, you will also get the benefit of our experience in your selection.

Our business is located in British Columbia and we service customers from throughout Canada, the United States & Worldwide. Over the past several years we have established friendships with miniature horse enthusiasts in Ireland, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and England. It has been very gratifying to meet some of you personally here in British Columbia when you came to view our products. 

We offer top quality products that will help you and your horses be prepared for success. Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack & Harness is exceptional in quality with prices you will find very competitive. From the bitting rigs or working harness right up to the top of the line show harnesses – they are all handmade with timeless craftsmanship and pride.


Every product we sell is something that we have already used and field-tested to ensure quality and durability.
“We would not sell you something we ourselves are not prepared to use!”

We have developed a very good working relationship with our industry partners and our commitment to you is that we will bring in the very best quality at all times. We are dedicated to supplying you with what you need to succeed in any format, be it in the back yard or on the campaign trail.

Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack and Harness is committed to providing you and your miniature horse or pony with top quality products at reasonable prices.


Our Products


What Our Clients are Saying..

“Carriage House goes out of their way to not only get what you need and want, but to make sure that your order arrives in a safe and timely manner. I highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase show equipment to contact Carriage House. I would not hesitate in using their services again in the future.”

Cathie E., Oak Hills, CA

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